by The Janzen Boys

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released March 27, 2015



all rights reserved


The Janzen Boys Winnipeg, Manitoba

Father-and-sons trio, John, Simon, and Mick got their start busking at the Forks. Now those street-music beginnings have translated into contest wins and festival gigs around Manitoba. Come for the folksy three-part harmonies... stay for the 10-year-old rocking out on a mandolin. ... more

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Track Name: Which Road Takes Me Home
Sitting here at the crossroads pining
That's the place that you're gonna find me
Right here where you left me on my own
To find the road that takes me home

Everybody gets to sow a few wild oats
Well I never sowed none
And I'll be damned if the thought doesn't haunt me
That I should have had more fun
One can never know

It's like
I held the pearl, let it slip through my fingers
Like it was worthless
And I know I can never go back now
'Cause I did it on purpose
But I'm missing home

You'll see that I'm messed up with you
You're my best answer to the question, still unknown
Which road takes me home

People wonder why it's always a sad song
Well, you write what you know I guess
But there's nothing worse than a prince in a castle
Who's always chronically depressed
Putting on a show

I'm the one, I'm the guy you should talk to
I'm like my own little dream museum
I've got ideas and they're gonna change everything
Just wait 'til you see them
I'll be doing them tomorrow

You'll see that I'm messed up with you
You're my best answer to the question, still unknown
Which road takes me home
Track Name: Where Are You
Where are you in regard to me?
A random dance? Or a journey?
I once was blind but now I see
Not more than this step I'm taking

Standing on the outside your face pressed up against the glass
Can't begin, afraid of jumping into what's moving way too fast
Learn to love the thing that's given now and not hold the thing that's past
It's the only way to learn the dance

Whether wishes, dreams, or stargazing, or messages you can decode
Where evidence and knowledge fail the step of faith's the surest road
Find the rhyme and let it guide you to the place you cannot know
It's the only way to reach the goal
Track Name: One For The Road
The howling to the moon is all I need
Walk along the splinters of starlight that bleed
Following the wanderer's code
All I need is one for the road

All the stories that I heard
All the stories that they told
We leave by the luck that we roll
We will leave by your word
We will die in the mould
While the crack in the sky makes us old

The life that I left is far behind
Believing I would find some peace of mind
No strings attached no contract signed
Just a place for me to unwind